A new chapter

May 16, 2018

In early spring, the weavers guild in my town, Pacific Textile Arts, gave me a chance to show the old garments made with plant fibers.

It took place at their gallery during the month of March.


In the end of March, they had a field trip to my studio to see more of smaller size samples.



I enjoyed so much to prepare the space including my rough carpentry.

At the talk with about fifteen(?) people, I was rushing to talk in order to cover as many subjects as possible, with much volume possible.

People seemed to enjoy a lot, and that made me happy.

However, once everybody left, I started feeling funny, more like strange….

“Is this the way I wanted?”

“Did I go through just the surface of what we see?”

I was certainly felt uncomfortable.




The next chance for sharing came along with Humboldt Hand Weavers & Spinners Guild.  So I went to Eureka in April.

The meeting happened in a different environment because I had limited items with me and there were many more people at the conference room.

Of course, Eureka is a much bigger size town compare to Fort Bragg.

This time, I needed a new approach during my talk, based on my last experience at my studio.

It was about “something invisible but certainly, is supporting things”.

I find human’s vision tends to be attracted by the surface of things.  But behind each object, there is something which supports its existence.

So, I threw a vague question to the audience.

“It might sound strange to you, but I feel there is something invisible behind all these stuff I brought…., you probably think it is crazy idea….?”

Some people answered, “No, it is not!”

Ok, it seems some people feel in the same way that I feel….



“So Mari, can you describe what you mean?”


As far as it is invisible, how can I describe with my words??

There must be a way to share, though.

That said, the very first and one of the Smallest Workshop in the world will be take place at:

Ryukyu Textile Studio
Saturday, May 26
1:30 – 3:30 p.m.

If you are interested, and for more info., contact at:

There are two spots left. Only five people can fit in the space……

You might start seeing something behind things…..