Basho field

March 28, 2014

On the third day, the program took place in the Basho field.

The picture below is the Basho weavers cooperative building where all the fine Basho-fu are made.

I have to clarify one thing that  kimono fabric making belongs to farming.  Even the material of fabric is vegetal or not, you are engaged to work outside in the field.

The very first key to produce higher quality fabrics is reduced to get a good crop.  A good constant maintenance of the field of produce is essential.

We can all understand that intellectually but the actual work is not that simple.


So way before to start weaving a fine fabric on a loom, you have to go out and wrestle with those banana trees.

My note said:

  1. their Basho field spreads out for the area of 1,500 tatami mats.

  2. to weave a good quality kimono cloth( 35 cm wide x 14 or 15 meters long), they need to cut down 200 Basho trees.

Toshiko Taira, 93 years-old, is designated a “Living National Treasure” stayed the studio for whole time, giving some tips for making finer quality threads to young weaver members in my tour group.