California, North Coast

May 6, 2014

It was sunny bright day that I arrived at SFO after seven month of staying in Japan.   Driving through the Redwood forests was wonderful.  If without a jet lag,  it would be even better.

Here, that little shed is my bedroom for three weeks.

For the first weekend, I had a sharing with local weavers at Pacific Textile Arts in Fort Bragg.

The subject seems like Miyako-jofu wwhich is woven with very fine ramie thread, from Miyako Island in Okinawa….

I believe this was a great occasion for people to be able to touch actual cloths and fibers, new and old(used).

However I felt something was missing, which is the real plants which all those fabrics are made with.  We need to grow some in the yard.


During the second weekend, Brian and I participated in a event CNCH in Oakland.

We have done only one show in last year in Arcata.

I was so stressed out because Brian was in San Diego doing residnecy, so I needed to handle all the preparation by myself.



I am so grateful that so many people helped us to accomplish this mission.

Here is the list of people who gave me a big support.

CNCH volunteer staffs supported me from the begging through the whole event period.

And these are other people’s link:

Suzuki-ya Japanese Hand Tool

John Marshall

Giovanna Imperia

Above The Fray

Bay Area Comfort Footwear



Thank you so much for all of you who stopped at our booth.  Many gave me new ideas to explore in the future, some brought their projects to share with us.  We had a fruitful experience.

I hope to see you soon!

If you have questions about the items you purchased, please email me.

I am answering to the questions which you asked at the booth.  Instead of writing back individually, I try to share your questions with all the other visitors.  (If you don’t mind…)

This weave structure is called M’s and O’s which in Japanese is “Yoshino Ori”  吉野織り



These two books are available, although I can only get them after I come back from Ishigaki-jima, in June.  Please be patient.

Scan IMG_1721







*Kudzu cloth weaving workshop by Ooigawa kuzufu
or please visit one of my “kudzu” page.

*Wisteria Weaving Preservation Society


I miss my cat….