Grand-ma Matsu

Grand-ma Matsu

March 10, 2011

You will have a hard time to find good and reasonable lodging in Ogimi village. Most inns are designed for guests who stay there longer period of time by enjoying summer marine sports. Rather than that you find vacation resorts.

Luckily I could stay Nokuko’s house. She runs small cafe-restaurant herself.

Nobuko’s grand mother was one of the last basho weavers on back strap loom.

Nobuko’s cousin has a private museum about local culture, so I visited with Nobuko.

Grand-ma MatsuGrand-ma MatsuGrand-ma MatsuGrand-ma Matsu

















Grand-ma Matsu

Nicely knitted Basho fiber hat. It was very soft fiber.

Grand-ma Matsu

Nobuko and Hisako together in the museum.

These Kimonos are woven by grandmother Matsu. The one on the left is made for festival costume, cotton warp and basho weft. Matsu wove the black checker kimono on back strap loom. “This kimono fits more comfortable on you” Nobuko said.

Grand-ma Matsu Grand-ma Matsu