Green color with mugwort

July 21, 2013

I saw a mountain of mugwort at my friend’s house.  And it smelled good.

I have already used some dried mugwort leaves to get beige color with Alums.  But with copper, you get green!

The first try was the end of May.

Cooking the leaves

Cooking the leaves

Extract the color adding soda ash.

The first extract tends to be yellowish compare to the second and third.

Some people prefer to dye with only 2nd and 3rd extracted color water to get real green.

I added soda ash only for the first stock of dye water.

The result, with “eco-friendly copper” mordant.

The color nuance are different on three yarns  here:

cotton(left), silk noil (middle) and factory made white silk (right) .

Below is the eco friendly copper product by Aikuma.