Happy harvesting!

October 9, 2013

So I haven’t got back to my blog for two months!

One of the reasons of my laziness is because it is too much fun to run in fields to harvest various plants and to take fibers.

In the end of June, I got a chance to witness a linden tree bark harvesting in a small mountain village in Niigata.

The majority of village members who stay there during the daytime are over in their seventies’.

You can see a photo album about the whole process to take fiber on “linden”.

But here, I introduce you more about the activities in the village.

DSC_5453 DSC_5463 DSC_5464 DSC_5468 DSC_5469 DSC_5470

DSC_5491 DSC_5494 DSC_5499 DSC_5511 DSC_5557  DSC_5727



The tree harvesting is strictly controlled.  People are allowed to cut linden trees only for three days.

During a certain weekend we had to finish everything!

It was on a steep hill side where everybody was working and it was getting hotter with the sun.  Too hot even for me who was just taking pictures.

taking pictures.  Honestly I wanted to stay in a shady spot not working.

Then I realized everybody is much older than me.

DSC_5737 DSC_5755 DSC_5806

After the harvested barks are rearranged  equally to distribute to each member, all the men started opening their beer cans…DSC_5815

Are they still drinking here?DSC_5823


Mountain herb, “warabi”, harvested yesterday.

First work in the early morning is preparing “warabi” pickles.


A couple hours later, we were invited for lunch.

We had some cooked “warabi”, simple and tasty.


DSC_5873 DSC_5893  DSC_5902

It seems like a peaceful afternoon in the collective studio.  A half hour later we had a pouring rain.  I had a huge regret not to take any picture of it.

Later, I was driving through the shower back to the train station click for more info.