Kudzu fiber taking, step 1

July 21, 2013

Feeling like I woke up after a hibernation, my mind is not working very sharp ….

It doesn’t mean I was completely sleeping for last ten months, my spirit was sleeping.

So, I start with the most recent activity and will catch up other events in the past and post them later.

Summer heat makes me LAZY.

But finally, I stood up and went to the river where I used to play 40 years ago. This is the spot where we always found abandoned kittens with full of flees and I brought them back home that made my mom so upset! Sorry mom!

Anyway, it looks much modernized and uglier. Oh, well. It is pampas grass and kudzu vines, not the beauty of the scene that counts.

I started late afternoon.

So all the cooking process was in the dark and no pictures available, sorry.

Kudzu fiber taking

Kudzu on the river bank was too tough.  I also harvested some on the edge of Takazawa san’s chestnut field.

Kudzu fiber taking

It looks comfortable resting under a persimmon tree.

After one and a half a day, you see some white fungus is growing on the vine surface.


It has been relatively cool here in Kanto these days.  So they will be ready to be washed by tomorrow evening …. but where?

That same river?   No way, it didn’t look clean at all.

However, I saw two young boys swimming in the river the other day!  Japan is still wild.

Me?  I would wash with faucet water.