Kudzu fiber taking, step 2

August 1, 2013

Wow, so clean. Is this because I washed with faucet water which contains some chloride?

No idea.

The white part shows the fermentation is happening, but not enough. So, I covered them up again and leave them another half-a-day or so.

It looks full fermentation to me.  Very slimy and naturally funny smell.

Ready to bring up to the sink.

An example of too matured vine:  white stuff inside of the vine core.  It can be good fiber.

The vine core which is quite tough.

Washing off the bark in order to get clean fiber.

Pretty clean fiber.  I wished to be at a nice river and washing the fiber.  The current water helps the cleaning job a LOT!

I spent half a day by this method of faucet water and a big ball.