Miyako jima

Miyako jima

April 16, 2011

It takes about 45 minutes to Miyako Jima from Naha, by plane.

Miyako Jofu are made on this small island.

My friend Teruyo who works at the Cooperative on this island arranged for a quick learning program for me on Miyako Jofu cloth.

Here is the plant “Choma (苧麻)” or “Karamushi”. In Okinawan pronunciation “Boo-u”.


Ramie plants. The fiber is used fresh without cooking from plant’s stem.


Natural fiber color. Miyako jofu is woven by very fine ramie thread which is 100% hand made.

Natural fiber color.

Weft yarns dyed after woven by Shimebata. Shimebata is a special loom which can pre-weave ramie thread by sturdy cotton yarn according to the pattern planning.

When these “cleaning-rag-looking” pieces are supposed to be unwoven and straightened.  Then you will see the white dot pattern.

Miyako jima

Miyako jima

Discussing new cloth pattern.

Keeping the loose warps in order to adjust tiny double ikat patterns.
Working with pins......

Working with pins……


 Higashi Hennazaki, Miyako Jima

Higashi Hennazaki, Miyako Jima