“MOTTAINAI” Japanese old textiles and garments show in Portland

November 5, 2011

I got a great news from Kei who is a textile gallery owner in Kyoto. She is preparing a old textiles and garments show in the Japanese Garden in Portland. It made me somewhat sad because I am temporarily in New York for the second half of 2011. It is too far, I will miss it.

If you are a fan of Japanese workmen’s old garments, you cannot miss this show.

More information bout the show:

In case you cannot make it this time, here is the links.



Some of the pieces in Portland show can be what I saw in Yamagata  in autumn 2010.  Those photos are some workman’s garment in the north of Japan.

Chido Museum in Yamagata Prefecture.


I visited this museum with a group of antique bast fiber textile fans.  Our friend at the museum let us touch those garments!