Next chapter?

May 15, 2018

Some of my friends asked me, “Where are you now, Mari?”

Then I realized that it is not clear where I live for some people.

Of course, because I am on Mars.

Anyway, I stopped traveling in 2017 and mostly stayed in my town.


Last March, the studio space was almost empty and I did not have a clear plan for the future.

One simple thing I could do was cleaning the space.

I vacuumed the accumulated dust off from all the windows, and re-painted the walls.

Once the half of the space was done, I started thinking about the “stuff” that I collected and stored in the boxes.

Those are the sample materials from my fiber research trips and also given by my friends.


The processed fibers of various kinds of plant, the threads, the old cloths, the used garments, the cloths I wove and some interesting tools for weaving.

I was feeling uncomfortable when I think about all those “stuff”, because they must be suffocating in the boxes…. they need ¬†fresh air to breathe.



Last summer, things started happening all the sudden, but in reverse order.


Several pieces of furniture were brought into the studio by my friends.

The furniture determined the next step.

Later, I got a big help to install the display tables.



The furniture came first, then display table installed.



once my wobbly table removed, new solid ones built professionally!

Finally, I could open all the boxes and I pulled out the items, some of which I have not seen for long time.


The platform is for the working space with Japanese tools, originally designed with “Tatami”mats which will come later but I don’t know when.


In November 2017, I invited local friends who have been helping me since I got involved in fiber arts.

It was to appreciate their constant support.



I still did not have a clear idea after the gathering.

The fact was, something has done by many people.

I was feeling lighter.