Small classes

We usually meet on Saturday afternoon.

The aim of the class is to familiarize yourself with plant bast fibers.  You can finish a tangible item in the end of classes. But it is not only that…..well, I hope.

For me, it was a sensational discovery. I started understanding the plants we use for cloth making, from a different angle.

We use various plant fibers(bast fibers).  You get to know the character of each fiber, by using them.

Sometimes, when I feel the activity in the class too monotone or too intense, I add a fun project besides the main subject.(we made brush with wood carving involved, and mini-broom)

The studio will be closed for February, 2019.
I will announce the class calendar after March.


January, 2019 :  Basho(banana) thread making/weaving

Fall, 2018        : Hemp thread making/weaving  (method in East Asia)

Spring/Summer, 2018:  Kudzu thread making/weaving