Basho(banana) thread making

Last fall, we worked with Japanese hemp fibers.
The splicing technique is hard. We needed finger muscle exercises.

In the end of a couple weeks, my student wove a sampler with 100% hand spliced hemp threads.

In January, we will start a new subject(material) which is Basho(banana) .
We will make threads with banana fibers that I took in Okinawa.
This thread making is relatively easy, compare to hemp thread making.
The thread will be connected with what we call “loom knot” in Japan.



January 12, Saturday (thread making)
January 26, Saturday (weaving)
Time: 1:00 p.m. ~  4:30 p.m. or little later.
Class cost:
$30 + $15(material) for thread making
$40 for weaving

*Please bring a small towel and a pair of small scissors.

*Three students available, as I have limit amount of basho fibers.