March 26, 2017

It has been a long time…

I started this blog which is about the tradition of plant fiber taking and textile making, as my own adventure.

During last two years I went through big shifts of my life, so everything stopped.


Back to 2007, when I moved to California, I found myself in a fiber community.

I felt very uncomfortable when I listen to people talking about weaving. It was as if a huge mass of tangled yarns staying in my head.

At that time, I had no idea how looms function and what the tools are for. I had absolutely zero idea about the fiber art.

Under the circumstances, people asked me many questions about Japanese traditional weaving techniques.

Do you think I did not feel ashamed?

The tangled yarns in my brain, remained for a couple of years.

Then an opportunity came along.

My local friend who is an experienced weaver and who taught me much about the weaving and dyeing tradition of Japan, suggested to take a weaving class together.

The tangled yarns in my head started loosen.  I learned how to weave and began to explore more about the tradition for bast fiber textiles of Japan.

I share my experience by my stories and the images.

Some things are made by the experts, and some are made by me.  But most of the things I would love to share are behind the things you see.

Unfortunately, human’s mind is easily attracted by the two dimensional “printed images”.

But the essence of things is invisible, hiding behind things. So my messages cannot be conveyed.

It is true that my original idea was focused only on the plant-fiber textiles. I thought that it might be fun taking people for textile related tours and sharing information.

However, after the events happened in my life( I divorced then got injured last December), my direction is also shifted.


Now I am focusing on things which are not visible, but I can feel.  Or many people might be able to feel in their way.  But we cannot explain such things by words.  The three dimensional things serve only as the tools.


My mind is completely untangled!  And it floats on the air in the forest and brings a lot of messages.


Thank you for all the support you gave me.