Wisteria cloth weaving workshops 1

July 18, 2014

One of my wishes for this year is to learn wisteria cloth making.

I knew about these workshops which are organized by Wisteria Cloth Conservation Association in Kamiseya, Kyoto.

The workshop sessions are spread out for seven months, starting May.  The students and the association members in charge meet once a month in Kamiseya.

For the first session, all the new students and many of the association members as well, go into the woods to find wisteria vines together.

The forest is not always the safe place.  We need to be cautious of bears and poisonous snakes.

You can see more images on “wisteria” page.

The new students will learn the whole process of wisteria fiber taking and the traditional loom preparation.  The new group of students will finish weaving a long wisteria cloth by the end of the program.