Wisteria cloth

January 15, 2014

Among all the plant fiber textiles, wisteria is produced uniquely in Japan in the history, I heard.

It seemed to be produced all over the country but now there is petty much only one area.

In this village, Kamiseya, there is Mr. Inomoto who moved to this remote place and take care of terraced rice fields and he holds the weavers gathering here every year.

The weavers meeting is held once a month during a weekend between May and December.

I am dreaming to join this group in the future.

He said there are some come from Hokkaido or Kyushu!

Last October, after staying in Kyoto city, we drove more than two hours on (a sort of) highway, still couldn’t reach this place.


The village was quiet when we arrived, it looked like a stage set…..

Luckily, we found a young student in communication major, from China.

She was there for her study project.

Thanks to her, Brian and I could meet Mr. Inomoto.

He showed us their weaving studio then let us try on one of the wisteria jackets he made.

Brian loves this fabric, waiting for me to master the process of wisteria vines fiber.

IMG_1221On the way to this village from Kyoto city, we stopped Miyatsu which is a port town.

We enjoyed dishes with unfamiliar fish.

You order one of four ways to cook fish you name.

  • grilled
  • fried
  • stewed
  • vinegared

This camellia tree lives more than 1000 years.

Can camellia live that long?

In spring this tree will be covered by deep red flowers and this place must be covered by tourists!


It was quite shocking to see this scene. A real version of “planet of Apes” to me.  The hill side used to be terraced rice fields made by human force. It became a cedar forest.



Wisteria textile by Kenshiro Kabata

warp:  silk

weft:  fine wisteria

DSC_6833 DSC_6834